As long as I can remember I wanted to understand everything under open skies. Accordingly I looked for a versatile, nature-based profession. So I became an ecologist and conservationist.

I have worked as a scientist in marine polar research for 12 years, including research diving and acting as station-leader. During these years I took part in 7 scientific expeditions to the Antarctic, Patagonia, and the Arctic, four of which I headed as project coordinator.

My curiosity and my enthusiasm for hiking and boatdriving led me into far enough corners of the world, also in my private travels. Thereby I gained expertise in various fields of knowledge.

This allowed me to start working as a freelance nature guide and expedition leader when in 1996 stringent economy measures made scientific careers difficult. For approximately 11 years and almost worldwide I have accompanied voyages on expedition cruise ships in this new capacity.

Since a few years I stay more on dry land and travel deep into the heart of the continents with my wife. When we are not doing so I dedicate myself to our (almost botanical) garden, nature conservation and now to this website, too.

I have been interested in nature ever since I was little, nevertheless I only linked up with nature conservation full-time later in my life.

Professionally I trained as a medical doctor, specialising in anaesthesia. In this field I mainly worked in Great Britain.

My enthusiasm for adventure travel in faraway countries led me into very diverse regions; often I travelled as a backpacker or with my bicycle. During these travels I encountered  many different cultures and landscapes which I also captured in photographs.

In the beginning of the 1990s life changed completely for me when I got the opportunity to turn my hobby into my profession : for a little more than 10 years I headed the Munich Group for WWF Germany. Through this I obtained thorough knowledge about local as well as international environmental issues and nature conservation.

A few years ago my husband and I settled down in Northern Germany. We still track down nature in many different countries and commit ourselves to nature conservation. Due to my “English” past  I have taken on looking after the english version of this website.