On this page you can get an overview of the topics which are available as lectures at the moment. In the course of time they will be put into this website as virtual presentations. How the listed topics are gradually filled with substance you can follow up here. So please feel free to browse through the links opposite to get an impression of our upcoming offer.

On this website you will find a series of presentations which will introduce the natural habitats of the earth with their animals and plants/fauna and flora. This will be done in the way they have presumably looked like or would look like without interference of man. The situations shown are more or less far apart from reality today as there is no habitat left that is not exposed to human influence. Sometimes they are simply reconstructions. This must be made perfectly clear.

Equally clearly we have to point out that our choice of photographs is not limited to material obtained on the particular site. According to the respective topic it may be expanded by photos from other geographic regions and also from zoological or botanical gardens. With our presentations we are not trying to tell about our personal adventures on an expedition but to handle the subject we set ourselves in the best possible way.

This website is aimed at the broad public. Therefore it is presented on a popular scientific but nevertheless sound level. You can view the presentations published here directly on the screen. You can also use them in printed form or book them as a lecture. We are also happy to offer these presentations as teaching material and for public relations in nature conservation.

Inevitably, it will take some time until all topics will be available on this website in written form. Should you be interested in a lecture in the meantime, please get in touch with us via email:


The answer may possibly take a while as we are often away travelling – not least to further develop and add to this website. We ask for your understanding.
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